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Find a solution that meets your needs.

Web Apps

A good user experience is at the basis of everything software. Make your application stand out! Whether it is CMS platforms like WordPress, E-Commerce websites, or a custom website. We can make changes to an existing website. Build a mobile responsive website.


Clear consulting on PHP, Python, Swift, AngularJS, NodeJS, or C# applications. Let’s build something from scratch or modify an existing application.

To the cloud

Moving infrastructure to the cloud simplifies management. Move your application to Amazon Web Services, Azure, or others cloud services. We’ll explore all hosting options and agree to a cost-effective solution.


Add value to your business with custom software. Let’s maximize your ROI with the right architecture.

Third Party Integration

Need help integrating a third party solution into your application? Whether it is a WordPress plugin or theme, Google Analytics, or a business core payment gateway like Braintree. We can help.

High Quality Customer Service

To achieve success we must work as a team. Your data and web applications are sensitive and they will be treated with care.

Q & A

Looking to start a project?

Let’s discuss your needs. Whether you need a static website, a command line tool, or a custom rich web app or mobile app. We can sit down and road map the best solution for your needs.

Clean Code?

Code is intended to be read by humans. Any custom solutions will be written with maintainability and scalability in mind.

And security?

Need help with SSL setup for your domain? Or need a security review of your website? I can help.

Speed Improvements?

Let’s discover the performance bottlenecks of your software. If you need a search engine like ElasticSearch on your platform, we can certainly do that. We can also locate the data processing bottlenecks. The possibilities are endless.

Already have a project?

I offer a range of technical experience in various languages and frameworks, ranging from C#, Python, Swift, PHP, and JS (AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS). Most languages are tied to one of their respective popular frameworks such as Python and Django or PHP and CodeIgniter3. The list goes on! Or if you just need a plugin for your existing application, we can work together to make it a reality.

Software Spec’ing?

If you’re in the pre-development stage, we can design the database and required APIs that will help make your application a reality.

Will I need to scrape my entire existing project?

It’s hard to determine if a software project requires a full rewrite or not. I promise my first words won’t be to ‘rewrite’ the entire thing. Rewrites are very costly and the legacy code that runs your business is still very important and typically isn’t re-written correctly on the first few passes. I am determined to help your business grow while being mindful of keeping the business core of your project intact.

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