On The Art Of Software Estimates

‘How long is it going to take?’ Asks the client or the manager. It’s a tough question to answer, especially when you’re still processing all the requirements for the task. A time estimate should be well.. an estimate. It is easy for that estimate to become the deadline. An estimate...

Create a HMAC Authorization Header in NodeJS

There are a ton of HTTP Authorization methods to use when trying to authenticate against an API. One such is the Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) authentication scheme. This method provides a way for the server to cryptographically verify the request by hashing the request itself, and then creating the...

AWS Code Build

An AWS Code Build spec for your typescript node project

AWS Code Build is a great addition to your AWS infrastructure. Today, we are going to focus on one aspect of the software deployment process. Building! Before we dive in, let me provide some context about the architecture and my plan for the CI/CD process. The project behind this post is...

Woocommerce Multistep Product Variation Picker

Woocommerce Multistep Product Variation Picker [rev_slider alias="productbuilder"][/rev_slider] This Woocommerce Multistep Product Variation Builder or Picker gives your customers a wonderful user experience for your product variation options.  Built-in functionality to allow your customers to upload artwork (pdf, jpeg, or png) on the product page and charge by the area of specific measurements. Just...

React Native

A Scalable React Native Project Structure

React Native is amazing. But deciding on a scalable React Native project structure is hard. React Native allows you to make an app for both Android and iOS through Javascript which gets compiled down to native code. What?! Sign me up. So I did for my next project, a FinTech mobile app  with...

GIS Shapefile Online Viewing & Editing (Sneak Peak)

How we built the GIS Shapefile Online Viewing & Editing functionality of SGMA Solutions. When developing SGMA Solutions, we found requirements for SGMA compliance that would require a bit of software tinkering. One module we developed supported viewing and editing compressed GIS Shapefiles online. Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) had to...

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