Ahh yesss.. The famous programming slogan. Overused maybe, another blog about programming, new frameworks, languages, or just anything I feel like writing about. I’ll try to keep the theme about technology, I promise. Also, writing will help organize my thoughts and improve my grammar… I hope. Be nice.

I better introduce myself, ahem, I first started programming about 5 1/2 years ago on a TI-83 calculator to assist me in Calculus. Guess who didn’t have to do Riemann Sums by hand. Me.

 Anyways, I meant to build a personal site that would handle well.. A blog, a portfolio, and have the ability to build a resume through a web interface. That was actually my first web project ever, but it soon stalled as my course work took over my life. This blog is powered by Mezzanine, a CMS built on Django. If you see any responsive issues, please report them.

 I deployed a version on the google app engine, but it was mostly static and the environment was toxic. Seriously.. All the code was in one file and the idiot who wrote had no concept of documentation, nor coded consistently. So I tried rewriting it two years later as an experiment with the Django Rest Framework and AngularJS, but time constraints caused the project to come to a screeching halt. I may finish it in the future, but I thought I should set up an open source platform that already had years of testing and development that was not called WordPress.

 Most of my technical experience is in PHP, Python, Postgres, Mysql, and many Javascript libraries and frameworks such as JQuery, Angular, and NodeJS. And of course, html and css. I do have experience with lower level languages such as C and C++, but I would say I am far more experienced at the former mentioned languages. Though, I strongly believe a good developer should be able to pick up new languages rather quickly, and programing languages are just tools used for a specific problem. You shouldn’t use a hammer to unscrew a screw, would ya?

 These are some of the topics that I am currently researching and may talk about soon. Swift on Linux, Apache Thrift, iOS Development, Django Rest Framework for Single Page Applications, and SSHing into my Mazda6 to tweak a few things on the dashboard display. I may also talk about proper PHP, project management, software architecture and programming paradigms.

 Software development is a team process, there is only so far a single developer can take a product. Yes there are exceptions to the rock star/unicorn/wherever developer, but eventually someone will have to take over that code base to enhance the project. This step is usually marks the decay of many projects where it later becomes hard to maintain, but it shouldn’t be that way. Hopefully I have ideas to offer to solve these complexities and make the software development a bit more sane. I will explore this.

 I am Antonio Perez and in December of 2014, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Fresno State.

Currently employed as a Full Stack Software Developer. Stay tuned.

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