Create a HMAC Authorization Header in NodeJS

There are a ton of HTTP Authorization methods to use when trying to authenticate against an API. One such is the Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) authentication scheme. This method provides a way for the server to cryptographically verify the request by hashing the request itself, and then creating the MAC out of the HTTP […]

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React Native

A Scalable React Native Project Structure

React Native is amazing. But deciding on a scalable React Native project structure is hard. React Native allows you to make an app for both Android and iOS through Javascript which gets compiled down to native code. What?! Sign me up. So I did for my next project, a FinTech mobile app  with a Firebase backend. More details […]

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Sigma Solutions – A Groundwater Management web app

Why? We built a Groundwater Management web app because in 2014, California signed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) into effect to help develop a framework that will put the management of groundwater basins into the hands of local and regional groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs). The Department of Water Resource (DWR) created the Sustainable Groundwater […]

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