We built a Groundwater Management web app because in 2014, California signed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) into effect to help develop a framework that will put the management of groundwater basins into the hands of local and regional groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs). The Department of Water Resource (DWR) created the Sustainable Groundwater Management Strategy Plan (SGMSP) to explain guidelines and regulations to help aid these GSAs with their water management.

The SGMSP requires GSAs to conduct groundwater assessments by developing a groundwater sustainability plan (GSP). The problem with GSPs is that the guidelines and water codes required are not always simple and that’s where SGMAsolutions steps in.

I will be writing a technical write up in how I went about converting shapefiles to and from their binary format to display on a user friendly map. Below is a bit of our marketing material about the product.
Demo: Sgma Demo

Who is SGMAsolutions?

Our team of designers, developers and business professionals have customized and simplified the SGMA process. We learn SGMA backwards and forwards to provide GSAs with a simplified version that will feed the information they need only when they need it.

We have modernized user-centric design that simplifies the user’s experience. Using our easy to consume user interface will help a GSA develop and design their GSP without needing to know everything about

Not only have we focused on simplifying forms and templates but we have also developed useful modules that will allow you to easily import in data to fill out and file your annual GSP. Our custom built, interactive mapping tool makes creating and submitting shapefiles a simple drag and click process.

SGMA compliance is our first and foremost priority but our water analysis tools are designed so anyone will be able to implement them.

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