CoderzHub – Part 2

Coderzhub code samples. Codershub is a social network for coders and aims to bring coders together on original projects. Projects are imported from Github for a link to code can be established.  The previous post defined the models, and the way the view and controller are used in Django requires a definition...

CoderzHub – Part 1

This project was first created sometime in mid 2014. I think. A two part series on the overview and then the implementation with code snippets. Coderzhub, is a website dedicated to bringing coders of all skills together to code and to further the progress of a project. The entire code of...

Deploy Mezzanine to Ubuntu 14 server on DigitalOcean with Fabric

This guide will hopefully be useful to you in deploying your Mezzanine 4 application and Django 1.9 to a Ubuntu 14 cloud server on DigitalOcean with Nginx and a Postgres database. Quite a mouthful. We will be using Fabric to install and deploy the application. Mezzanine, a promising open sourced content management system built on top the popular Python Web framework, Django. Knowledge of Python and...

Hello world!

Ahh yesss.. The famous programming slogan. Overused maybe, another blog about programming, new frameworks, languages, or just anything I feel like writing about. I'll try to keep the theme about technology, I promise. Also, writing will help organize my thoughts and improve my grammar... I hope. Be nice. I better introduce myself,...

I'm Antonio.

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My goal is to explore what makes our world so chaotic.

My dream is to reduce that chaos for other people.

Even if only just a tad bit.